Shop Rat Guide Series

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Shaper's Notes

Born from the mysterious scrawls and ravings of riders / builders Tanner Crow and Willy Nevins, the Shop Rat has the soul of a pintail and the heart of a park board. The high-taper nose and hybrid camber keeps it unsinkable in pow and bottomless in turns, while the longer tail increases pop and stability to keep you on your feet and perfectly balanced. From pow to slush; from pillows to jibs; from icy skin tracks to lazy nose butters; the Shop Rat is our new backcountry smasher.

In ski mode, the Shop Rat is perfectly balanced, while the long nose eats up trail-breaking, and a flat contact patch maximizes traction.


Construction Notes


Vertical Profile




Size (cm) 155
Running length [mm] 1118
Sidecut [m] 8.7
Waist width [mm] 255
Nose length [mm] 246
Tail length [mm] 185
Nose width [mm] 302
Tail width [mm] 275
Stance setback [mm] 69

The Backcountry