White Label

Chimera performs extensive R&D to continually develop new concepts and designs and to produce special-purpose shapes; these form our White Label collection. 

All the snowboards in the White Label collection are hand-crafted in our shop, by people who live and breathe splitboarding. White Label shapes include features and technologies that we have developed over the years, including our bUHMper technology currently under license to any builder interested in adopting a new standard in splitboarding. 

We produce a limited number of White Label snowboards every year, and offer them to riders who are interested in special purpose shapes, and who are willing to help us with R&D and product development. 

Drop us a line at info@chimerasnowboards.com to learn more about the White Label collection, or to request a build.

White Label

The Hermit (165)

White Label

The Mace (161, 165, 172)

The Cloud Chaser

Unreal float, utterly unsinkable. Design notes: Highly tapered, directional. Speed and total precision in bottomless snow.

The Monkey's Paw

Be careful what you wish for. Design notes: Tapered, directional. High-speed and agile.

The BX

Transforms a forearm-dragging toeside turn on corduroy into your favorite trick. Design notes: Super-deep sidecut. Stiff, cambered.