Hermit 165W

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Shaper’s Notes

Canada’s Columbia Mountains have bred our crew of guides with certain characteristics; highly competent backcountry travelers, with a preference for giant tours into the alpine;  and steep, deep, and committing lines. An earlier incarnation of the DumDum, our ‘super-radius’ volcano board, caught the attention of Aaron Chance who then spent several seasons teasing out his very own big-mountain shape - The Hermit - named for the iconic peak that stands guard over Roger’s Pass.

The huge 12m side-cut increases edge contact and provides a large surface area between the feet. Combined with a mid-taper shape, this produces a super stable platform and massive lift through to the back foot, giving The Hermit endless float, reduced tail drag, and maximum stability at speed. For hardbooters, the Hermit features our own ‘spliced toe-piece pattern’ that allows direct mount of both regular splitboard toe-piece patterns, and the majority of ski tech toe pieces that are commonly used for ‘alpine’ set-ups on splitboards.

A hybrid camber merges a 3mm camber under each foot with a flat section between the feet, allowing for rapid and responsive turns and maximum edge hold. Combined with the torsionally rigid build, this results in a splitboard that can hold an edge in variable snow, while remaining both agile and stable.


Construction Notes

chimera hermit splitboard hardboot compatible tech toe inserts
Chimera Hermit Splitboard camber profile and specs


Vertical Profile


Size [cm] 165W
Overall length [cm] 165.1
Running length [cm] 122.2
Sidecut [m] 12
Waist width [mm] 268
Nose length [mm] 227
Tail length [mm] 204
Nose width [mm] 296
Tail width [mm] 285
Stance setback [mm] 40

stability at speed,
the big mountain charger

big mountain splitboarding on the chimera hermit