White Label Boards

Conceptual and special-purpose shapes. Hand-built in the Wasatch; ridden around the world.

With our on-site facilities and years of experience in designing and building backcountry snowboards, Chimera performs extensive R&D to continually develop new concepts and special-purpose shapes; our White Label collection.

All the snowboards in the White Label collection are hand-crafted in our shop, by people who live and breath splitboarding, and include features and technologies that we have developed over the years, including our own bUHMper technology.

We produce a limited number of White Label snowboards every year, and offer them at a discount to riders who are willing to help us with R&D, and developing our product and brand. Drop us a line at whitelabel@chimerasnowboards.com to learn more.

Model Length
The Hermit 165cm
Shop Rat 156cm 160cm
Chubby Chaser 151cm 163cm
Mace 161cm 165cm
Orb 156cm 160cm



The Mace is designed for stability and control on steep, committing terrain. The narrow waist, large sidecut radius and full camber all serve to maximize edge hold, response and stability.


The Shop Rat:

The worker’s splitboard. Conceived, designed and built by the working class of Chimera (Willy and Tanner) to be an absolutely unsinkable stick that turns on a dime, holds a rail on the groomer, and has a solid, stable tail.

The Hermit :

Named for an iconic peak in the Selkirks, The Hermit was honed over several years by the splitboarding guides around Golden and Revelstoke who tailor-made a board for their home terrain; steep, long, ball-tearing lines in deep powder. With an enormous 17m sidecut paired with 12mm of taper, The Hermit provides massive float without the pintail