Since our earliest days Chimera has questioned the convention of extensive inside steel edges. Our BUHMPER technology reflects our latest advance in producing a new kind of splitboard.

What are BUHMPERs?
Inside steel edges on traditional splitboards are heavy, oversprung and / or stiff, which impacts response, predictability and control. Chimera uses an engineered combined sidewall / edge of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic. This replaces the traditional inside steel edge with a lightweight, super-damp and tough-as-nails protective bumper. Eliminating half the steel results in a natural and responsive flex pattern, and greatly reduced swing weight.

Why is a “natural and responsive flex pattern” so important?
Simple, you’ll ride better. Many factory splits feel “dead”, and DIY splits get pretty sloppy after a few tours. Our BUHMPERS eliminate all excess steel which, combined with our unique carbon and rubber lay-up, produces a board that is responsive, precise, yet easy to ride.

Don’t I need steel to protect my inside edge?
Only if you plan on stomping around on rocks all day. In ski mode, the inside edge is rarely exposed to anything faster than a slow shuffle, and doesn’t need the protection of the outside steel edge. Our BUHMPERs are bullet-proof and completely flush with the base, almost completely eliminating the chance of a base delamination from impact.

All Chimera splitboards are built with flat or cambered profiles and three-axis carbon structure directly under the tour binding, maximizing the contact patch of your skins in ski mode. Eliminating excess steel will not affect your ability to grip on anything other than sheer, blue, ice (at which point, most riders should consider crampons, alternate routes, etc.).

Balls. I’ve been riding splitboards for a decade, I need my steel edge.
Please, sign up for our demo program. We believe Chimera’s BUHMPER construction rides noticeably better, and we would be happy to ship you a board to see for yourself. We’ll even pay your shipping*.

*Please see conditions of our Demo Program.