Quick Rips: Episode 2 
Disco Cowboys... a Weekend at the Teton Splitfest

video/photos by: Willy Nevins
words by: Willy Sanders

In the shadow of Utah’s record breaking 22/23 season; an oasis of empty trailheads, short lift lines, and an incredible snowpack discreetly hummed along just a few hours north. Lacking the social media hype and losing tourism because of the all-time conditions in the Wasatch - it felt like we were keeping a dirty secret, as my friends and I enjoyed the combination of Jackson Hole’s deepest winter yet, and possibly the least crowded, too.

Still, inklings of FOMO popped up occasionally, as I vicariously watched my SLC friends frothing. From the Brighton sidecountry, splitboarding just above the city, or multi day interlodges at Snowbird - I was constantly reminded of how epic it was.

But as I showed up day-after-day to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to waist deep pow and no line for the gondola; or at a trailhead, only to tour out and find billowing snow and a stable snowpack… The only FOMO left resided in wanting to ride with my Chimera and Pallas fam.

But we were stuck in a stalemate, it's not easy to travel when the snow is so good in all of our backyards. Luckily, the annual pilgrimage from far and wide marked an imperative congregation for our crew. Teton Splitfest was set for early March - and I eagerly awaited all the homies to come in for a few days of splitboarding in the Tetons.

70 inches falling in the first few days of March set the tone for what to expect. As friends poured into Jackson from Salt Lake, Bozeman, Bend, and British Columbia; the snow followed them in and kept piling up. These stormy days spent splitboarding on Teton Pass were celebrated with the community at Splitfest; silent discoing and crushing can in the name of deep snow and good times. 

Episode 2 of Quick Rips offers a recap of these fast paced days, and a reminder of what's to come at the 2024 Teton Splitfest. Hope to see you there.