MY21 Sceptre Splitboard

MY21 Sceptre Splitboard

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Shaper's Notes

The award-winning Chimera Sceptre is the all-around backcountry board; a go-to workhorse for any conditions, designed for the rider who hasn’t bought a pass in years.

The combination of a mid-taper shape with carefully considered combination of sidecut, setback, flex and profile has produced a board with heaps of float in powder yet is stable, responsive and forgiving in any other conditions.

Design Notes

  • Directional freestyle
  • Phantom Hercules splitboard hooks
  • NoWave camber (flat)


Size (cm) 158 162
Running length 118.6 122.4
Sidecut 810 870
Waist width 25.4 25.9
Nose length 21.9 22.1
Tail length 20.3 20.5
Nose width 30.5 30.9
Tail width 29.0 29.4
Stance setback 1.9 2.5